Dresses from the Old Country – Forthcoming from BOA Ltd. in 2018


Instructions for my Mother’s Funeral – Winner of the 2011 Donald Hall Prize in Poetry

“Instructions for My Mother’s Funeral uncovers the mysteries of girlhood in haunting tableaus and synesthesiac encounters with the past and then gradually moves us into the domestic present. The death of a father and remarriage of a mother, a complicated relationship with a brother, seen through a child’s eyes; a house stoppered like a bottle where she sits alone in the quiet aftermath. Strange in that way all art is strange, light come to light, but always a palpable darkness riding beneath; a mature lyrical voice translating memory’s turbulent, wordless world.”—Dorianne Laux

The Chewbacca on Hollywood Boulevard Reminds Me of You – Floating Bridge Press Chapbook Prize 2010